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GeekAlarm! 2.0

No Image GeekAlarm! is a unique way for you to keep track of when you should take a break while using your computer. By taking breaks you can increase your productivity, reduce eye strain, and allay fatigue. GeekAlarm! has varying degrees of break enforcement including passive, medium, and aggressive enforcement. This helpful utility is a must have for anyone that uses a computer for long periods of time.

Eye Strain Screensaver 1.1: Eye strain relief and prevention advice screensaver
Eye Strain Screensaver 1.1

Eye strain relief and prevention advice screensaver to remind you how to prevent the build up of eye strain while using your computer.

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ColorVeil 1.0

ColorVeil adds a screen color filter over your Desktop and over any application you are using. You just continue to work as usual. Use red for excitement, blue for relaxation, sepia for nostalgia, or any other color for your own reason. ColorVeil can also reduce your screen brightness, even below its lowest available setting. This feature helps you reduce eye strain, especially at night. Portable and easy to use, just download and run.

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EyeStrainCare 1.5: Computer Eye Strain Care software to prevent computer eye strain
EyeStrainCare 1.5

Computer Eye Strain Care software to prevent computer eye strain, tiredness and headaches can block the computer and remind you to take regular rests

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Eyes Dropper 3.1: Eye Care Software protects eyesight and eye health from computer influence
Eyes Dropper 3.1

eyes. The eye muscles need exercises. Eye exercises help keep the muscles strong and active. Also helps relieve the strain of looking at a computer screen for extended periods. During a break Eyes Dropper Eyecare can show you examples of physical exercises. With the help of Eyes Dropper Eyecare Movies your eye exercises will ease eye discomfort caused by computer use, eye strain and eye fatigue. Often people who work at computers have no rest-time

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Work Log & Activity Timer 3.1: Track the time you spend on the computer, with alarms & eye protection reminders
Work Log & Activity Timer 3.1

Activity Timer is a computer activity, project or task timer. You can use it to track the time you spend using the mouse or keyboard. You can track projects individually. You can also play or shows screen alarms as a reminder that it is time to take a short break from your work or stop work. The other main thing you can do is to play or show reminders to look away from the screen for a few seconds from time to time to reduce eye strain.

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Eyes Dropper 3.0

Eyes Dropper will help you to remind about a rest-time and safe your eyesight, vision and health from computer influence. This software allows you to customize the duration of your work time and length of breaks. Video Exercises show you eaxamples of eye training that ease eye discomfort caused by computer use, eye strain and eye fatigue.

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